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MONORAIL has built a solid reputation; over 65 years of experience in the field, the expert in manufacturing forged steel wheels to supply the industrial, mining, forestry, railway, hydroelectricity, and other markets world-wide, and the favorite when it comes to buying wheels of all types.

MONORAIL is recognised

for the quality of its products; a combination of excellent quality forging made from vacuum degassed steel, unique heat treatment procedure, CNC precision machining, strict quality control system, and reliable deliveries. MONORAIL is continuously investing in research and development in order to offer the best quality wheels available on the market. The result is an optimum product life with minimum maintenance costs.

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Years in industry

MONORAIL is recognised for the quality of its products

inch diameter

Monorail wheels are available in sizes up to 40 inches in diameter.

types of wheels

to meet the demand of all your projects.

Quality assurance

MONORAIL Quality Steel Wheels are achieved through continuous improvement programs, covering each phase of the business to meet and surpass customer’s requirements. Our wheels and pulleys are identified by a Monorail-specific stamping for better quality control.

Unique Hardness Process

A unique hardness process “Hard and Deep Process (HDP) was developed for maximum strength, extra wear resistance, and longer service life.

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Heat treatment


  • The surface hardness 58-62 RC decreasing gradually to prevent tread from spalling
  • The case obtained is uniform and continuous over the entire wheel tread and inner flanges. It meets requirements of AISE technical report #6.
  • The outer faces of the flanges are not hardened, maintening critical ductible properties to prevent flanges from breaking.
  • The bore, hub, webs, and outer faces of the flanges are not hardened leaving them tough and submissive. (Hardness 200-260 BHN)
Heat treatment

Our Hard and Deep Process combined with Monorail’s high carbon forged steel permits us to obtain a very strong surface hardness of 58-62 RC leaving the core tough and ductile. Our hardness pattern prevents flanges from breaking and also prevents tread from spalling. The Hard and Deep Process covers every aspect of the wheels heat treatment in order to obtain the ideal hardness pattern that ensures longer service life.

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