We are one of the biggest manufacturer with 9 types of forged steel wheels to meet the demand of all your projects. Maximum wheel size up to 40″ diameter.

Other products offered

  • Spacer ring
  • Conical sleeve
  • Sprocket
  • Seal retainer
  • Wheel drive shaft
  • Bearing housing
  • Spacer
  • Brake wheel
  • Locking collar
  • Arbre de roue
  • Cover
  • Idler shaft
  • Idler axle
  • Closed bearing cap
  • Keeper plate
  • Axles
  • Base plate cover
  • Sheave cover
  • Flanged shaft
  • Adapter shaft

Key setter

At Monorail Industries, we have all the necessary equipment to produce several types of keyways of various depths and sizes. Among other things, the key seater, this instrument can make keyways up to 2 inches in depth.