We continuously invest in research and development
in order to offer the best quality available on the market.


Throughout research and many years of experience, we have developed our Hard and Deep Process (HDP) to achieve the optimum combination of strength, toughness and wear in each wheel we manufacture, ensuring our customers a superior quality product.

Our unique heat treatment procedure Hard and Deep Process (HDP) offers maximum hardness and deeper hardness penetration for extra resistance to wear and longer service life where heavy loads and severe service conditions are encountered.

Our Hard and Deep Process combined with our high carbon forged steel permits to obtain a very high surface hardness for 58-62 RC leaving the core tough and ductile.

Our hardness pattern prevents flanges from breaking and tread from spalling.

Wheels are quenched to a hardness higher than 62 Rockwell C in order to obtain a hard martensitic structure throughout the rim and furnace tempered upon the service requirement of our customers various applications.

HDP 58-62 RC | HDP 52-55 RC | HSP 48-52 RC (450-500 BHN)

Wheels are also manufactured in accordance with ASTM


When it comes to machining, MONORAIL is in a class all by itself.

MONORAIL is equipped with the latest technology in CNC machines, which enables us to produce completely finished high quality wheels to meet the most stringent customer specifications.

Our high-tech environment of CNC machines allows for high precision, tight tolerances, wheel concentricity, and superior surface finishing all over, meeting customer’s designs and specifications to perfection.

With our CNC machines, all series of wheels are produced identically and are absolutely concentric, therefore avoiding any vibrations which accelerate the wear of wheels


MONORAIL Quality Steel Wheels are achieved through continuous improvement programs, covering each phase of the business to meet and surpass customer’s requirements.


A strict quality control system is in effect, ISO 9002 standards are implemented.


A unique hardness process “Hard and Deep Process (HDP) was developed for maximum strength, extra wear resistance, and longer service life.


The latest technology of CNC high precision machining allows for tight tolerances, dimensional testing, ultrasonic testing, and magnetic testing.


All material, from steel ingots to finished wheels, bear an identification number traceable to the products and reliable deliveries.


Monorail Industries has built up an impressive customer base that largely exclusively uses our products.

Key setter

At Monorail Industries, we have all the necessary equipment to produce several types of keyways of various depths and sizes. Among other things, the key seater, this instrument can make keyways up to 2 inches in depth.